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Pokemon Pinball cheats & tips

Quick Ball Upgrade
Press Left to move the light after the Pokeball hits the 3 lights at the top. You can also move it with A

Move Pokemon in Pokedex
Select a unevolved or basic pokemon and press Start to see it move to the Pokedex

Mewtwo Bonus Stage
Well first to get to the Mewtwo bonus stage you must defeat the Meowth Stage and the Seel Stage on the blue table or on the red table the Diglett/Dugtrio Stage and the Gengar Stage. To defeat this stage hit Mewtwo with the pokeball 25 times. This is preety hard because he has a force field moving around him but when you hit it a bit of it disappears but it will come back after you hit him. Also each time you hit Mewtwo you get 50,000,000 points! Have fun!

Eevee's evolutions
Some of you only get Jolteons or Flareons or Vaporeon's in Pokemon Pinball. But the trick to getting all of them is controls. To get the evolutions, you have to switch controls! It's that simple.

Get Mew
1)Get all 150
2)defeat all 3 bonus stages twice
3)go to indigo platue
4)shoot the right loop at least 3 times

Remember there is only a 6% chance of it being Mew and rumer has it that you you have to hit him 50 times before you can catch him.

Catch Mew
The ultra-rare 151st Pok?n Mew has recently been spotted in Pok?n Pinball Paks
everywhere. Mew cannot be found or caught in Pok?n Red, Blue or Yellow, but expert
Pinball players can catch it by following these instructions:
Clear the Mewtwo Bonus Stage more than twice in one game
Work your way to the Indigo Plateau (on either the Red or Blue table)
Activate the three GET lights and enter Catch Catch'Em Mode
Mew has a 1/16 chance of appearing
You can't catch Mew like other Pok?n. Don't lose your ball during Catch 'Em Mode,
and Mew will automatically be recorded in your Pok?x
The main thing to remember when attempting to catch Mew is that you have to be patient!
It can take many hours of gameplay before you have the honor of owning a Mew.

Double Cave Bonus
To get a double cave bonus, get the word cave lit up, BUT DO NOT SHOOT THE BALL INTO THE CAVE! Get the word cave lit up again and then shoot the ball into the cave. You might see some of the following:
BIG-Get a 1,000,000 to a 9,000,000 bonus
Go To Bonus- Go to a bonus stage
60 second ball saver
Extra Ball(Rare)
EVO Mode- Go to evolution mode
Twin Pikachus
Ball Upgrade

Funny show
On the main menu go to option. Then go to rumble then if it's on Pikachu will grab psyducks tail and say pika. Psyduck will then shake like crazy and the game will rumble!

Secret Chronamew Stage
(This code is a rumor, but two of my friends said they have been to it)
First, Beat the Diglet/dugtrio and Gengar (in red) or the Meowth and Seel (in blue) Bonus Stages. Now, go to the Mewtwo Stage. Defeat Mewtwo. KEEP YOUR GAME ON! Now, on the field, get more than 1,000,000 points. If you lose all your lives, it is OK, just go back to the field where you were in. You will have the same amount of points when you ran out of lives. When you go beyond 1,000,000, thescreen will freeze for a second, flash, and then the rumble feature will start going. Music will play and a special screen will show up on the info/bonus/CAVE screen. The hole will open up, and when you go into it, you will go into a special Chronamew stage. You will have to dodge the psychic waves that Chronamew fires at you. Hit him 10 times and you will have caught Chronamew!

Evolve one, Evolve one free
Go to options, then to rumble clck on it. Then, do the following:no, yes, no, yes, no,
then leave. after that, evolve any pokemon then evolve one that you did not evolve yet on your list

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